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An Gaiser

Nonverbal Profiler and Investigative Interviewer

About An Gaiser

An Gaiser is a nonverbal profiler, investigative interviewer and business consultant. As a probation officer An Gaiser has helped a lot of suspects and ex-prisoners with the aim to help them strengthen their position in society, for the goal to help make a safer society. An was an advisor on sentence provisions to the court, specialist in sex offenders and forensic psychiatry.

Later she applied her experience in politically sensitive contexts within the Dutch government, mostly in the field of integrity and security clearences at the general intelligence and security service.

After the service, she became managing partner at the Institute for Nonverbal Strategy Analisis. She also researched the myths around lie detection and nonverbal behaviours by practice, combining this with knowledge within scientific literature.

Now working as a private contractor she works for both the government as well as for commercial businesses.

Portret An Gaiser

An Gaiser can talk about:

  • Nonverbal Profiling: Observing, analyzing and interpreting non-verbal behaviour.

  • Investigative interviewing: Conversation, interviewing, truth-finding and interrogation.

  • Nonverbal Intelligence: Combining nonverbal profiling & investigative interviewing, synchronizing the timing of non- verbal behaviour and interview techniques.

"The best control is when you let it go"

An Gaiser

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