We provide our services for SMEs, local authorities and large organisations. Our approach and services differ per sector. We work for, among others, banks, local authorities, ICT businesses, advisory offices etc. Managers, teams, consultants, trainees and high potentials.

"Bij The Behaviour Company zijn ze heerlijk direct, zonder iemand te schofferen."

Lid managementteam GGD 

"The coaching sessions at The Behaviour Company Intl. helped me to better understand how my own behaviour is instrumental in the way people perceive and interact with me. By knowing this and wanting to create win-win situations for all parties concerned I now have the means to address attention points formulated at the start of my sessions."

Mark Teunissen, Mercis

"I found the management coaching very positive. It was professional, focused on my specific needs, engaged, balanced and challenging."

Kevin Jones, ABN AMRO

"The Behaviour Company prikt zeepbellen door."

Directie Hedeman Consulting