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Live event/ Amsterdam

Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course 2022

Increase your knowledge and awareness and enhance your skill set as a professional in the area of nonverbal communications.

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Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course 2022

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Coming Soon

Live event/ Amsterdam


The Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course will be a hands on, interactive, and practical program for increasing your knowledge of non-verbal behaviour, as well as integrating it in your everyday life, and business and professional settings. 

By taking an immersive approach, you will have the opportunity to increase your nonverbal decoding skills and test and validate your observations, with an increased awareness and speed that will better serve you in the future. This will all be under the instructions of Mr. Navarro and The Behaviour Company.

  • Learn how to assess nonverbal communication form head to toe
  • Learn to assess nonverbals with greater precision
  • Learn how to put nonverbals into practice
  • Test your skillset at conducting thin slice assessments
  • Refine and enhance your own behaviour through mentored practice