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Staff Behaviour, Negotiations & Non-Verbal Communication With Anne-Maartje Oud | Leadership Revealed

In this episode, John talks to Founder and CEO of The Behaviour Company, Anne-Maartje Oud.

For 20 years, Anne-Maartje Oud has been a behavioural advisor/consultant, trainer, chairwoman and keynote speaker. She is the CEO and founder of The Behaviour Company based in Amsterdam, customising personal development programs for companies and organisations worldwide.

Anne-Maartje Oud specialises in creating better working environments, developing better interpersonal skills and more effective communication. Her focal point is creating awareness within organisations by focusing the attention of managers, executives and teams on effective (non-verbal) communication, behavioural issues, leadership and influence.

During this interview, John and Anne-Maartje talk about emotion vs logic in conversations, how non-verbal behaviour helps with negotiations and so much more.

We really hope you enjoy this episode as much as John enjoyed the interview.


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