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22 and 23 June 2023


Novotel Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Joe Navarro Advanced Nonverbal Communication Course 22 and 23 June, 2023

Human behaviour, nonverbal research, forensic/ integrity interviewing, and the practical application of nonverbal communication.

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Joe Navarro Advanced Nonverbal Communication Course 22 and 23 June, 2023
Joe Navarro Advanced Nonverbal Communication Course 22 and 23 June, 2023

Time & Location

22 and 23 June 2023

Novotel Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam, Nederland



The Behaviour Company Proudly Presents

The Advanced Two-Day Nonverbal Communication Course 

Amsterdam The Netherlands 

June 22-23, 2023 from 9am-5pm

Joe Navarro, former FBI Special Agent, and renowned international bestselling author (14 books in 29 languages) has created a two-day immersive seminar in concert with three leading authorities in the areas of nonverbal research, forensic/integrity interviewing, and the practical application of nonverbal communication in the workplace. 

This course, exclusively offered by The Behaviour Company, goes beyond the mere theoretical into the realm of the scientific underpinnings and the practical application of nonverbals in a multitude of settings, as well as an expanded exploration of human behaviours.

Whether you are a doctor, clinician, manager, security personnel, attorney, negotiator, or are in human resources, this course is perfect for you. Here is a unique, never before held event,

where you not only get expert world class instruction, but you will also have two days to formally and informally engage with experts in their field and participants from all over the world.

This course is led by Joe Navarro whose experience in founding the elite Behavioral Analysis Program and the Advanced Counterterrorism Interview Course for the FBI as well as the Criminal Profiling Unit for the government of Colombia, plus his forty plus years of teaching on human behaviour is unequalled.

Dr. Abbie Maraño, Phd and director of Education at Social-Engineer, will present the latest scientific research in nonverbal communication and the psychological and biological underpinnings of human behaviour.

Nonverbal profiler and investigative interviewer, An Gaiser, former integrity officer AIVD and former senior manager Forensic Integrity and Compliance KPMG, will help lead you through the best practices of conducting effective interviews and integrity investigations.

Behavioural and Communication expert Anne-Maartje Oud will explore the application of  nonverbal communication in the workplace and during difficult conversations. As well as implement self-analysis and introspection to grow your critical communication skill set.

Objectives of the Two-Day Seminar include the examination and exploration of:

·       The human body and what it can communicate.

·       The roots (biological, evolutionary, and cultural) of nonverbal communication. 

·       The scientific research underpinning the accuracy and pervasiveness of body language.

·       How our physiology, body chemistry, hormones, effect body language.

·       How to assess nonverbals with greater precision through skilled observation.

·       Prioritizing areas of the body that are more honest and revealing, esp. the feet.

·       Myths about nonverbals as they relate to deception and eye behaviour.

·       Effective strategies to put nonverbals into practice.

·       Why we focus on the comfort / discomfort paradigm.

·       How we can use nonverbals to convey empathy, garner trust, and establish better rapport.

·       The interplay of nonverbal and verbal communications to garner information.

·       How we assess for interest, desires, needs, fear, apprehension.

·       How we can remain objective and minimize our influence on others in an interview.

·       Assessing ourselves and others during difficult conversations.

·       How to effectively increase your skill set in reading others and using the information in real time.

With this 2 day course coffee, tea, snacks, lunch and 21% Dutch VAT are fully included.


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