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Joe Navarro Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of December 2020

Increase your knowledge and awareness and enhance your skill set as a professional in the area of nonverbal communications.

The 2019’s Master Course was such a success that we proudly present the Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course 2020, with former FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro.

He is THE specialist in the field of nonverbal communication and body language.

Joe spent 25 years at the FBI, working both as a special agent and supervisor in the fields of counter-intelligence and counter terrorism. Through his work he was able to study, refine and apply the science of non-verbal communication. His acumen in this field and his success as a spy-catcher led Joe to begin training FBI agents and the intelligence community.

Retiring from the FBI in 2003, and meeting overwhelming demand for his notable insights into human behaviour, Joe has dedicated himself to speaking and consulting with major corporations worldwide.

Since 2009, Navarro has been a regular contributor to Psychology Today Magazine and he is also the author of 13 books. After 11 years, Joe Navarro’s What Every Body is Saying remains the number one selling body language book in the world, translated into 29 languages. His most recent book, The Dictionary of Body Language is already a best-seller in 11 languages after one year.

Today, Joe is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the application of non-verbal communications and he is regularly interviewed on television, pod casts, newspapers and magazines.

Now you have the unique opportunity to attend his premium Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course LIVE ONLINE. This will be the only interactive four-day event in Europe in 2020 that Mr. Navarro will do that will be open to the public. So don’t miss your chance!

The Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course will be a hands on, interactive, and practical program for increasing your knowledge of non-verbal behaviour, as well as integrating it in your everyday life, and business and professional settings. By taking an immersive approach, you will have the opportunity to increase your nonverbal decoding skills and test and validate your observations, with an increased awareness and speed that will better serve you in the future. This will all be under the instructions of Mr. Navarro and The Behaviour Company.

During the course, you will learn to dissect the human body more acutely to explore all the behaviours that we can rely on. Additionally, attendees will participate in conducting practical exercises to see how nonverbals can be used to change perceptions. We will explore how to be better observers and discuss transitional, attitudinal, cryptic, and reactive behaviours among many others, with a focus on developing assessment skills as well as developing confidence skills.

During these 4 days online, everyday from 4 p.m CET until 6 p.m., Joe Navarro and The Behaviour Company will work with you to increase your ability to observe and decode others and also to engage more quickly. To enhance the learning experience, there will be limited seats available. So make sure you are there!

  • Learn how to assess nonverbal communication from head to toe

  • Learn to assess nonverbals with greater precision

  • Learn how to put nonverbals into practice

  • Test your skillset at conducting thin slice assessments

  • Refine and enhance your own behaviour through mentored practice

This Nonverbal Communication Practitioners Course is informative, practical and immediately useful in your everyday life, during business deals and as a professional. You will receive a personalized certificate signed by Joe Navarro.

To make it even better, this course will also include something very special…

We have planned for an informal get together online, on the 9th of December 2020, the day before the course begins. This is your chance to meet Joe informal online, have a chat with him, take a photo and to meet your fellow professionals.

To discover more about Joe Navarro, go to his website:

Quotes from the Joe Navarro Master Course in 2019:

  • "It was a super event! From the moment you stepped in, until the moment you left! Ten points!" - Mi Ridell Pettersson

  • “The setup and care throughout the day were very good. The information was exceptional” - Pieter Faasse

  • “This was a day that I will never forget. You are helping so many people with these teachings” - Mark King

  • “Amazing, well done, everything was excellent” - Fadia Jamil

  • “An excellent introduction to the subject. It truly was” - Davide Iannuzzi

  • “I think it's great that it was presented in a general way and with very practical advice. I loved all the tests and getting to think for ourselves on how to understand someone's picture after learning what to look for” - Maria Baias

  • “Excellent day, and thanks to Joe and all the team at The Behaviour Company. Super nice people and very professional. Thank you :)” - Tom Verrall

  • “I took part in a lot of courses because I'm a lecturer at university, but this one course was really awesome” - Adrianna Skoczek

  • “I have received so much information, beyond words. I loved it, it was authentic and personal” -Gabor Windt

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