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Could a dance coach boost your career performance?

Movement director Pat Boguslawski stole the show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week with his choreography for Maison Margiela’s spring 2024 show. Here we republish our 2020 article in which he discusses his work for the fashion house.

Joaquin Phoenix used one to prepare for Joker. The senior team at JP Morgan has several on staff, as does the FBI. John Galliano and Marc Jacobs use them to create global fashion moments. The movement director comes in a variety of guises, including choreographer and coach (or even fashion designer if you’re Saul Nash, the young movement coach who radically choreographed his autumn/winter 2020 fashion show for Fashion East last month), but all are employed to finesse our lives, whether that be in preparation for a role or to help project the values of a brand. Increasingly, they’re also being used to hone poise at a more personal level, training people how to connect with an audience, TED-talk style; how to establish trust around the table; how to run, dance and even date. From power moves to happy moves, we could all do with a bit of movement direction, it seems.


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