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The Road to Hell is paved with Bad Conversations

At some point in your life, if not multiple points in your life, we will all be faced with difficult conversations. Many of us will do nearly anything to avoid those challenging conversations often to our detriment. And that’s understandable.

Despite being a key skill in business or life, has anyone ever enrolled in Difficult Chats 101? Somehow we are all expected to just figure it out as if by magic or osmosis. And by leaving this key interpersonal skill to chance, you risk suffering highly negative and sometimes long-term consequences.

Communications & behaviour expert, Anne-Maartje Oud was recently featured by WIRED Magazine as one of their body language experts and joins us in Newcastle via Amsterdam to explore the principles of handling difficult conversations effectively. In her talk you’ll gain valuable insights into the nuances driving these interactions whilst learning techniques to prevent escalation and lead these conversations to positive outcomes.

Anne-Maartje Oud is the CEO and founder of The Behaviour Company based in Amsterdam and has spent 20 years leading and advising organisations and senior clients on human behaviour and communications including relationship-building, non-verbal communication and presentation skills with the ultimate goal of creating more effective organisations and better working environments.


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