The Behaviour Company offers efficient methods to you, or your employees who are willing to achieve desired results and goals.


Behaviour plays an essential role in getting your message across. While message content is important, we often forget to focus on clear, result-driven communication based on behaviour, presenting yourself and convincing others. The Behaviour Company assists in bringing these elements together to show the effects verbal and non-verbal communication can have on people and their reactions. As your awareness of your own behaviour grows, (while learning to analyse others'), your perceived goals become more easily achievable. Our company's thorough method relies on  honest, sometimes firm confrontational feedback with immediate advice and tools for behavioural adaptation. Never shying away from pointing out necessary underlying issues which, let's face it, are quite often concealed, The Behaviour Company always takes it a step further than your typical basic training skills set.


Utilising our proven 3 step method our clients swiftly grasp the improvement stage of their own personal effectiveness.


The Behaviour Company and the world's number one body language expert Joe Navarro have formed a unique partnership, providing in-depth courses, training sessions, workshops, presentations and seminars in the field of behaviour and nonverbal communication in all of Western Europe.

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