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We help you to create exceptional results through exceptional behaviour!

The Behaviour Company makes you aware of your own behaviour as well as others and teaches you how this behaviour impacts other people. This insight enables you to replace ingrained behavioural patterns with adapted behaviour, allowing you, your team and your company to achieve your goals.

We will help you to become effective and exceptional!

The Behaviour Company offers efficient methods to you, or your employees who are willing to achieve desired exceptional results and goals.


Behaviour plays an essential role in getting your message across. While message content is important, we often forget to focus on clear, result-driven communication based on behaviour, presenting yourself and convincing others. The Behaviour Company assists in bringing these elements together to show the effects verbal and non-verbal communication can have on people and their reactions. As your awareness of your own behaviour grows (while learning to analyse others), your perceived goals become more easily achievable.

Our company's thorough method relies on honest, sometimes firm feedback with immediate advice and tools for behavioural adaptation. Never shying away from pointing out necessary underlying issues which, let's face it, are quite often concealed. The Behaviour Company always takes it a step further than your typical basic training skill set.


Utilising our proven 3 step method, our clients swiftly grasp the improvement stage of their own personal effectiveness.

Our Approach

Seeing as people and situations can be very diverse, in our experience, only a tailor-measured approach would truly suffice. The range from individual to large group sessions, one day workshops to monthly courses is vast and that is why our uniquely developed 3 step method facilitates individuals, teams and organisations.




We analyse your behaviour, your goals and learning questions. How do you come across? What are your strengths and weaknesses?




Together we focus on your perceived goal, if it matches your personal profile and what you can change to become more effective. 




We hand you the tools to get the job done and help you implement (new) behaviour in relevant situations.

The key to success is being able to align your behaviours with what is needed to achieve your objectives!



The Behaviour Company stands for a custom made service – from one day workshops to courses that last several months, for individuals or groups. Each person, team, company or situation is unique. This is why we offer the possibility of a non-binding personal interview in order to determine which approach will best suit your

company or yourself.

Anne-Maartje Oud

For 20 years, Anne-Maartje Oud has been a behavioral advisor/consultant, trainer, chairwoman, and keynote speaker. She is the CEO and founder of The Behaviour Company based in Amsterdam, customizing personal development programs for companies and organizations worldwide.

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Joe Navarro

The Behaviour Company and the world's number one body language expert Joe Navarro have formed a unique partnership, providing in-depth courses, training sessions, workshops, presentations and seminars in the field of behaviour and nonverbal communication in all of Western Europe.

About Us

The Behaviour Company has a team of specialists with great expertise in the field of vision, implementation and behavioural change. All team members are highly experienced in guiding, advising and working with individual participants and groups.


Are you ready to change your behaviour?

Start today and become exceptional!

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